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Chapter Two - Ice Ages, A Chapter Book by Kids In Their Playjamas

Chapter One Here   ICE AGES – A Chapter Book, A fact Book Sabre-tooths have long teeth to catch prey. Mammoths have long trunks to pick up things. A sloth has two teeth in the front. Ice Age Wolves have white fur to blend into the snow from predators. Beavers. Beavers have long teeth that can chomp trees. Penguins have long beaks to catch fish. -The End   Dino-sailors left the dock. They went onboard “the Rocky Seas”. That is what their ship was called. Then they left the dock with glee. Dino-sailors rocked and read. A storm came. Dion-sailors rocked and rained. Dino-sailors almost barfed. Then, they had no choice. They actually barfed. Dion-sailors decided to go home. They...

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Chapter One - The Little Storytellers & Their Scribes

Hello World!  The Playjamas blog starts today. Sit tight. The digital revolution is now.   What’s the Playjamas blog going to be about? Well, there are plenty of serious topics we could cover. For example, the environmental impact of non-organic cotton processing (Google it – the amount of pesticides involved may blow your mind). What about the human impact of unethical manufacturing. Or perhaps that age-old question: are fire-retardant chemicals the right chemicals to have pressed against you or your child’s skin? Each of these are serious and important subjects.  But no. Dealing with weighty matters isn’t the purpose here. Don’t get us wrong. The World is full of pressing problems, and we at Playjamas believe in a shared responsibility...

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