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Chapter 4- Eye of the Aardvark- Written by William age 5

Eye of the Aardvark   Once upon a time there was an Aardvark who couldn’t catch ants.  So, he put himself in a trance and the ants could control him.  So, when the ant controlled him he was dumped off a cliff, had the planet Mars fall on his face, and got used as a golf ball.  And then he had a coconut thrown on his head, and he got un-hypnomatized (sic.).    Then he said “hey Ant!  I was kidding about being unhypnomatized (sic.).  When I snap my fingers I want to be faster than crocodiles.”  (Because crocodiles chasing him.)  “Hey Ant!  Ant!” …   “It’s magic”, said the Ant.  “Some people got it, some people don’t.”  Snap, went...

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Chapter Three- Pink Stink by William Age 4...Almost 5

Pink Stink   One day Pink was walking down the street.  He saw all sorts of tress and flowers.  Then he saw his neighbour, Big Nose, trimming his roses.  Pink says, “Hello” to Big Nose.  Big Nose says back, “Ehnnn”.  Then Pink started to smell something that was really stinky.  Pink plugged his nose but he could still smell it.  Pink tried everything but it just wouldn’t go away.  He tried even more and more and more.  But he still couldn’t get the smell to go away.  Pink had an idea.  He found his gasmask at his house, and Pink went down to the park and played a while then went home.  Then he went to bed. -The End

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