Chapter 4- Eye of the Aardvark- Written by William age 5

Eye of the Aardvark


Once upon a time there was an Aardvark who couldn’t catch ants.  So, he put himself in a trance and the ants could control him.  So, when the ant controlled him he was dumped off a cliff, had the planet Mars fall on his face, and got used as a golf ball.  And then he had a coconut thrown on his head, and he got un-hypnomatized (sic.). 


Then he said “hey Ant!  I was kidding about being unhypnomatized (sic.).  When I snap my fingers I want to be faster than crocodiles.”  (Because crocodiles chasing him.)  “Hey Ant!  Ant!” …


“It’s magic”, said the Ant.  “Some people got it, some people don’t.”  Snap, went the Ant’s fingers.

-The End

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